Love to Lunch: Marie Zydek


Local fashion blogger (and buyer, actor, stylist- phew!) Marie Zydek really likes her Mexican food! We sat down at her favorite fast food spot for burritos and she shared with me her go-to meal at home (Mexican Salad) here. What else does she prefer at lunch time?

Brown bag or out: Both! If I have time in the morning, it's brown bag. If I want to sleep in a little, I'll go out for lunch.

Spot to Lunch: Spots close to my workplace- Fast food: Mucho Burrito. Sit down: Famoso or Earl's.

Favored Lunch Vegetable: Can I say french fries (ie. potatoes) ;) Once in awhile I'll indulge and go to Harvey's for their veggie burger and a side of fries.

Way to stay hydrated: Water and lots of it! (she's not a tea or coffee fan)

My lunch always... is vegetarian.

Today's lunch is: A veggie burrito from Mucho Burrito.

Ever curious about people and food, I started the Love to Lunch series. It's a fun way to get to know Edmontonians through their lunch routines. To see previous lunches, click