eat :: Cookie Love

Calling all cookie monsters.

Cookie Love, a cute new shop on 124 Street bakes handcrafted bite-size wonders with fun names and mega cookie flavor.

The self-taught bakers work tirelessly to provide you with thirteen recipes daily. Flavors in the cookie jar: Triple Chipper (dark, milk and white chocolate), Caramel Kiss (chocolate pecan with an ooo-ey goo-ey caramel centre), Carrot Cake (classic cream cheese icing on the inside), Black & White (New York cheesecake cookie half dipped in chocolate), and more! Plus, specialty cookies like gluten-free Cooper’s PB S’more (peanut butter, cocoa and marshmallow centre) or go vegan and raw with Cooper’s Trail Blazer Bar (nuts, dried-fruit, oats and dark chocolate).  Need another cookie twist? Pick two cookies to make a cookie ice cream sandwich.

These cookies are so delicious, you’ll want to hand-deliver these scrumptious babies right to your mouth.  After you’ve had a few, deliver these taste-like-they-just-popped-out-of-the-oven-presents right across Canada. Cookie Love will lovingly package your baked from scratch cookies and ship them anywhere! (make a mental for birthdays, holidays and parties)

Cookie Love is celebrating its grand opening on Thursday, October 4 with free mini cookie ice cream sandwiches and shots of milk. Everyone’s invited!

Cookie Love (12325a - 102 Avenue, 780.499.2849,