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Sometimes it takes more than time, willpower and sweat to get in shape. It takes motivation.

If motivation is what you need most, then say hello to Blitz Conditioning. This personal training and group fitness company is all about delivering motivation through a community of fitness. The trainers will tweet you, email you, call you, meet you bright and early or stay late – they’ll do whatever it takes to keep you on track to meet your fitness goals. And, if you need even more inspiration, read their blog.

Beyond personal training and sport-specific hockey training, Blitz Conditioning offers a whole whack of group classes at the highly affordable rate of $120 for a 10-class punch card. Here are two absolutely ball busting classes you’d be nuts not to try.

Rise n’ shine with Sunrise H.I.I.T. This high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) class starts early (6am!) before you’ve had the opportunity to make up an excuse to forgo the workout. It’s a combo class of cardiovascular exercise and functional fitness (think endless pushups, lunges mixed with skipping rope and running). You’ll be struggling to count, short of breath and by 7am, you’ll feel awesome. Don’t get used to anything (besides Paul’s contagious, empowering enthusiasm); it’s never the same class twice.

Knock out workout boredom with a boxing class. Arrive for the group class, strap on a pair of gloves and get ready for fists-of-fury boxing drills (jabs, hooks, uppercuts). Throw in some strengthening exercises and rope jumping to torch calories and tone-up fast. It’s a boxing workout that’ll leave you wanting to go another round.

Motivate yourself to call Blitz Conditioning.

Blitz Conditioning 10575 115 Street, Edmonton, Alberta (780-655-5347, blitzconditioning.com)

A big thanks to Blitz Conditioning for letting Kendall punch and jump her way through a few classes!