Last Year / This Year :: Holiday Greetings

Let's face it: sometimes we get tired of going through the same holiday notions year after year. Are you looking to shake things up a bit this season? We sure are. Each week, we'll put a spin on a different aspect of the annual holiday routine. We joined creative forces with some local talent and retailers to bring you invigorating ideas that will breathe some life into your holiday season. We hope you find it as refreshing as we do!

Last Year...

You "elfed yourself" and emailed it to all of your friends. We'll admit, the first one we saw was funny. And it made us want to make one, too. But after you see all of your friends doing the same dance moves to the same song with the same facial expression the whole time, it becomes a little... overdone. 

This Year...

Send a truly heartfelt message to those who matter to you (yes, in the mail).

Write your friends and family a handwritten message, and do so in a beautiful card.

Take a couple minutes to compose a short note - tell them how much you're looking forward to having them over for turkey dinner; thank them for another year of friendship through all the ups and downs; and wish them all the joy and merriment of the season with their loved ones in your own pretty handwriting. Then actually put it in the mail. Isn't mail like this such a treat to open?

The Artworks takes its time to curate the most unique, highest quality cards for every season. It’s always our first stop to find cards that give the perfect backdrop for our heartfelt messages. The Artworks has a range of styles that will be suitable for each person on your mailing list - a beautiful, classic card can be found sitting next to a more "contemporary" (keywords: crude, hilarious) card.

It's what keeps us coming back – especially Gillian. No one loves stationery like Gillian. She reaches higher than a healthy level of excitement when she's looking at stationery - it's hard not to appreciate the fine papers or printed details when she points them out to us.

Here are some shots of all the fun we had! 

If you have a fresh take on your usual ways, we'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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