shop :: The Briefing Room

The Briefing Room is a new specialty underwear store for men that opened on Whyte Avenue in September. When I (Gillian) heard about them opening, I realized that men don’t have easy access to underwear stores like women do, so I couldn’t wait to feature such a unique business. They hosted a wine and cheese for ladies on Saturday night, so I stopped in to fight through the crowd of excited shoppers and talk to one of the owners.

Steven, a self-proclaimed underwear collector, got the inspiration to open the store after seeing similar business models in other major cities. Those stores are successful but tend to cater more towards the gay communities in their city. Steven wanted to open a store that provides access to specialty brands, fabrics, and styles to all men in general, without focusing on the gay community specifically.

The Briefing Room is not just about bold, bright prints or uncommon styles. They do carry those, but a big part of their business is the more mainstream brands like Diesel and Calvin Klein (they bring in harder to find styles and nicer fabrics). Their customers are all ages and from all walks of life, and they’re all happy to see such a wide selection in a store just for men. 

With Christmas coming up, this is a store worth checking out. They have a lot more than underwear too – pajamas, socks, robes, scarves, long underwear, and grooming products (one item they can’t keep enough of is their shaving sets)! 

The Briefing Room (10151-82 Ave, (587)521-0384,