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Aren’t these kids the absolute cutest? The mug shots. The eyewear.  The styling. The scrunched up little faces trying SO hard not to smile. These photos make me squeal in child-like delight.

The talent behind the snapshots is photographer Stephanie Pasutto. She’s an award-winning photographer known predominantly for her black and white photography of kids. Make that AWESOME kids.

Earlier this fall, Stephanie sent me a note to collaborate with eyewear from eye-bar for the launch of her new COLOR photography business, Fourth + Hazel. The photos say it all – Stephanie is an absolute pro!

Next time you want an album full of perfectly art-directed, spontaneous snapshots of your kid just book with Stephanie.

Get photos of your kids for the festive season with Holiday Mini Sessions taking place on Saturday November 24th, and Saturday December 1st.

I asked Stephanie some questions about capturing magazine-style shoots for kids.  

Why do you love photographing kids?
I love photographing kids because of their genuine spirit. It is a time in their lives when they are not too self-aware and they can express themselves freely. Plus they are a lot of fun!

Originally, what inspired you to snap photos purely in black and white?
My inspiration came from my husband's love of Michael Kenna's black and white long exposure photography. There is a real beauty and calm in his images. The background is simple allowing the focus to remain on the subject and I wanted to bring that style to my work.

What motivated you to expand with a new company to capture kids in full colour?
I started to experiment with color with my own family images and got the bug. I also love to create custom backgrounds and props and sometimes those need to be processed in color for maximum effect.

Tell us the story behind the name “Fourth + Hazel”?
I wish it was something cooler, but I really just needed to separate my color site from Stephanie Pasutto Photography. I was born on the 4th and my eyes are, you guessed it, hazel.

As a photographer, what inspires you?
Many things inspire me and as you learn how to use the camera, you start the see everyday things much differently.

Any tips for parents dressing their kids for photos?
Layering and accessories. I have a Pinterest board with what to wear ideas and you can always look at sites like JCrew Crewcuts and Zara Kids.

What tricks do you have up your sleeve to get real smiles from kids who may not be into being photographed at that moment?
Patience, lots and lots of patience. Oh and being goofy, I'm really good at that.


Quick Personal Q&A with Stephanie

Three things you can’t survive without: My family. My iPhone. Lip gloss.

Best local hidden gem: Antique malls. I've come across some great finds there and use them in my
set ups.

Thanks Stephanie! You really impressed us.