Last Year / This Year: Holiday Hair

Last Year:

You had the perfect dress, great accessories and polished makeup, and AWFUL hair. You tried, you really did. But, your updo was a nest of bobby pins with hairspray overload.

This Year:

Get more out of your hair at Ricci Hair Blo Bar, the go-to for effortless, beautiful hair. It’s amazing how a pro can transform your hair into a blowout or holiday updo.

The Ricci Blo Bar offers blow-out-and-style services. Located in the heart of downtown on Jasper Avenue, it’s easy to pop in after work to have your hair styled for an evening event.

This holiday season let your hair be the mane event.

Ricci Hair Blo Bar (10028 Jasper Avenue, 780-758-0560,, facebook)

(Note from Kendall: A big thank you to Zeb for styling Callie’s hair. And to Craig – you worked magic on my hair – loved your styling tips and product suggestions – but most of all, thanks for being so charming. I’ll be back in your chair soon!)