Last Year/This Year :: Gift Wrapping

Last year...

You quickly wrapped (or outsourced to whoever was free to help) all of your gifts in the same tree, candy cane, or snowflake pattern paper that you found on sale the year before. You may have wrapped it in a hurry before heading out to your friend's house who will open it minutes later.

This Year...

Create an enticing package of beauty and excitement that will command attention under a tree. The goal here is to make the presents that come from you look so wonderful that the receiver feels a little guilty when they rip the packaging. A gift like this will be a treat to look at as it is waiting to be opened. Taking time to wrap gifts like this really puts you in the holiday spirit, too!

We had fun partnering with Papyrus to choose all the wrapping essentials we needed to create packages that suited our individual esthetic. Papyrus always has gift wrap with beautiful colour combinations, interesting textures, and a great selection of ribbon to coordinate with. They have full rolls to buy, or you can purchase ribbon by the yard so you get what you need for each package (perfect because you can never remember what ribbon you have left over at home). They have two stores in Edmonton: Southgate Centre and Edmonton City Centre.

Callie stepped away from her usual leopard print (they had such a gorgeous ribbon!) and was surprisingly drawn to the retro glam dots pattern. She's a girly girl that is strangely not a pink fan, but she worked around that by pairing it with a solid gold paper and matching ribbon. The pretty paper doesn't go to waste - it's wrapped so the gift receiver can reuse the wrapped box! She proves that you don't need a typical red and green palette at this time of year. 

Kendall put herself up to the challenge of putting two colours together that you wouldn't expect. See, it works! The black and gold paper has some seasonal character with the snowflakes, but they're subtle and paired with a hot pink web-like ribbon - her job here is almost done. Her favourite thing to include with gifts is a "teaser" for what's to come inside the package. We'll take a wild guess here... cook book? 

Gillian is not much of a tree hugger, but she's drawn to anything wood grain patterned. This was really handy - these two patterns (wood grain and bark) came together as two coordinating sheets on one role. The matching work is already done for you! They had a few combos like that to choose from. She pulled together some twine and acorns, then actually cut some pieces of her tree off as an extra special embellishment. 

Thanks to Linda Patterson of Timeless Edge Photography for spending the day with us and capturing all these beautiful shots!