Straight Up Barber Shop


We haven’t met a man who isn’t curious when they hear about someone getting a classic straight shave.  Now you can tell all the gentlemen in your life where to get it done!

Barber Ha is a self-declared “straight up barber shop.”  This cozy grooming lair is located in King Edward Park and has been operating with an everyone-is-a-best-friend vibe since last June. The service menu cuts to the chase: haircuts, shaves, beard trims, and haircolouring.  The products they use and recommend for home are high quality and hard to find; and they can outfit you with all the professional shaving tools you’ll need.

One client explained that he likes coming to see Barber Ha because of the “guy friendly atmosphere.” This intimate shop is all about male grooming – no fashion runway trends, no special treatment upgrades, just traditional, simple male grooming.

Straight shaves are the pride and joy of this barber shop – professional shaving products are chosen for unique skincare needs and are massaged in between hot and cold towel treatments. Oh, and shaves both with and against the grain are in there, too. 

Men who love their experience and plan on coming back often (which most clients do) can join the Barber Ha Legion.  $278 gets you one haircut per month for a year, 20% off products and additional services  (yes, that means those straight shaves), a badge to show off how cool you are, along with social prestige and generally higher self-esteem.

Call Barber Ha to get an appointment now – this shop is quickly becoming the coolest place for guys to be. 

Barber Ha (7717-85 Street, 780.756.9311,

Special thanks to our handsome model, Mike, for having a face that our camera couldn’t refuse.