Introducing :: The Edmonton Wedding Guide

So you’re getting married.

You’ve got the man, love and a little money. What else could you possibly need? Apparently, a lot.

Here’s how the story goes: You used to be a thoughtful, calm, and sensible person. Then you got engaged.

From one engaged-gal to another, let me tell you – I understand the transformation into crazy-bride (even though we promised ourselves it wouldn’t happen to us!). Your expectations are, um, high. You want the whole wedding affair to be perfect; and yet, there are so many people, feelings and decisions.

Were you like me, and thought you’d adore the whole wedding planning process?? A dress, delicious food, fine stationery, a party, flowers, diamonds, and all your favourite people – what’s not to love? But, getting hitched without a hitch is no easy feat.

So, here it is – The Edmonton Wedding Guide. A four-part guide chock-full of everything you need to tie the knot in Edmonton. We found all the venues, gowns, flowers, cakes, invites and photographers you need to fall in love with wedding planning all over again.

Here’s what you can look forward to:
Wednesday, Feb 8: Unique Venue Ideas
Wednesday, Feb 15: Dresses, Baubles, Accessories & Shoes
Wednesday, Feb 22: The Details: Stationery, Flowers, Sweets & More
Wednesday, Feb 29: Photographers – Who to Snap Your Big Day

Can't wait to share it all with you!

p.s. I’d love to hear your wedding tips, suggestions and stories. Please leave comments or send me an email.

The Vow Factor: Meet Jennifer Bergman Weddings

Why you really need a wedding planner...

When the time came to plan my fairy-tale wedding, I knew I required the expertise of a super-talented wedding planner. So, I turned to one of the most stylish, fabulous, smart and organized woman in my address book – Ms. Jennifer Bergman.

Jennifer Bergman Weddings specializes in exquisite wedding management (I love that… she doesn’t simply plan your wedding, she manages it… because really, you plan it too!). Jennifer provides endless inspiration for innovative wedding concepts and delivers flawless executions. For you, she’ll assemble a wedding A-team – from hair to makeup to music to photography and transportation – and manage all the details and put in the gazillion hours it takes to plan a wedding. Simply put, on your wedding day Jennifer will have everyone focused on celebrating your marriage (no one will be looking for missing name cards, panicking about late cake deliveries or stacking chairs). With Jennifer Bergman Weddings, you’ll have the magical wedding you always dreamed of (and more!).

I could rattle on about the greatness of Jennifer Bergman Weddings, but here’s what really matters: We all get to benefit from Jennifer Bergman Weddings wedding expertise. Throughout, The Edmonton Wedding Guide, Jennifer Bergman Weddings will be sharing wedding planning tips. Hooray!

* All photos provided by Jennifer Bergman Weddings featuring designs by PinkPolka Wedding Design and photography by Eternal Reflections Photography