shop :: The store of wonder: 29 Armstrong

You either LOVE 29 Armstrong, or you’ve never been.  There is no in-between. 

29 Armstrong is a furniture and interior store that has been offering something of interest for everyone on 104 Street for over four years.  We need to dispel some heartbreaking myths that might be keeping you away from your new favorite store:

Myth #1: You won’t like anything in the store because it isn’t your style – so wrong.  The store doesn’t have a particular style. They stick to modern and contemporary styles, but that encompasses basically anything that has outlasted the fads over the past 65 years. They offer pieces with permanence in the home; heirloom pieces that should be in families for generations, not one or two trendy seasons.  Also, over 90% of the wonderful products they have access to are not on display in-store and are available through special orders.

Myth #2:  “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it” – We think a businessperson who didn’t want any business came up with this ridiculous saying.  Every item in 29 Armstrong has a price that is clearly listed, and you won’t have to pretend to be tying your shoelace to catch a glimpse of the price tag.  In fact, you’d be surprised how many items you CAN afford in 29 Armstrong - they have a great selection of books, magazines, small home accessories, and countless odds and ends that can only be described as “objects of wonder” (all under $50).

It’s always so fun to stop in and learn about what makes new products so unique.  At 29 Armstrong, the buyers are the sellers so they know everything possible about the products and are SO excited to share it with you.  They’re all easy-going, really friendly, and the opposite of judgmental (which already sets them apart from the majority of furniture/home décor stores).

29 Armstrong is such a cool local store whose success we should all be celebrating. They have a HUGE online following outside of Edmonton including regular international shipments and media mentions as far away as Australia!  The store is always changing and many of their coolest items are ordered in limited quantities, so check it out soon and continue to stop in often!

29 Armstrong (10129 104 Street, 780.758.4940,