So (Farm) Fresh

Okay, it’s time to let you in on a little something that could bring your summer meals up a few levels.  Victoria Farm incorporates all the words you love: healthy, local, organic, fresh, community, and (most obvious of all) weekly-produce-baskets!

We sat down with Mark, the visionary behind Victoria Farm, to hear about what makes this venture worth supporting.  He is so proud to be starting up in such a historic, fertile plot – Victoria Farm will plant its roots in Smoky Lake County along Victoria Trail, the most historical road in Western Canada and the route most travelled between Winnipeg and Edmonton before the railroad came along. 

The two acre hand-laboured microfarm will boast over 50 edible crops with over 120 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  This is no hobby garden – they’ve got 12 varieties of tomatoes alone! With a goal to be self-sufficient within 3 years, Victoria Farm will be strategically planted so that neighboring crops work together by repelling pests or fertilizing one another.  Mark has been eating, sleeping, and breathing biodynamic farming and permaculture since coming up with this brilliant plan over 5 years ago.

Why are we telling you about it? Because you can reap the benefits of Victoria Farm’s hard work.  Right now, they are selling their Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) memberships.  Basically, it means a weekly basket of local, fresh, organic produce ready just for you for 20 weeks between May and September. $400 gets you enough for 2 people (only $20 per week) or $200 gets you enough for one person. A little extra is thrown in each week so that you can impress company with your fancy varieties of fresh produce! Act fast, though – the deadline is April 15th but a very limited number of memberships remain!

You can also get in on early gift certificates that are redeemable at their summer stand at the new 124 Street Farmer’s Market (exact location TBA).  For a full list of the many, many seeds they can’t wait to plant, check out their blog (  If you are ready to join or have more questions about the CSA membership (or you just want someone to talk biodynamic agriculture with), feel free to email them: