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One of the best parts about blogging is collaborating with brands, businesses and bright minds; it takes everything nerdy about me – my marketing background, love for Edmonton and insane fascination with new products/ideas –suddenly seem useful and cool. Here are two neat collaborations I’m involved with:

Southgate Centre
This mall is crazy fun (and stylish). Southgate Centre is always throwing parties, staging cool events and blowing our minds with promotions. Right now, Southgate Centre is giving away a home! Winning a home means endless reasons to decorate. Imagine the fun I had while shopping Southgate Centre for stylish finds for the home. Inspired by fashion, my mini-series of guest blog posts highlight my top interior design finds. My first blog post is java-inspired.

Revive Wellness
I run. A lot. Almost everyday at 6am, I greet my running group for a morning dash through the river valley. As I gear up to run the Vancouver Marathon (May 6!), my training is all about: hill repeats, speed workouts, long runs, proper hydration, and healthy eating. The Dietitians at Revive Wellness know the importance of eating right for sports performance. This month, Revive Wellness is all about eating a good lunch. To inspire tasty lunches, Revive Wellness is lunching with some fun people. I was delighted they included me. We went to Café Haven (one of my favourite lunch spots while I’m working at eye-bar in Sherwood Park) for a delicious salad.

If these fun projects are any indication of the week ahead; it's going to be amazing!