reading now :: On My Bookshelf

The warmer weather has me making a list of all the books I want to read this summer. Already the stack of books on my nightstand is about to topple over. Here are some books and magazines I want to read this month:

{1} The Art of French Baking
My sister bought me this book for Christmas. She packaged it with adorable pastry cutters and dessert molds. I plan to peruse all the recipes and then dedicate a weekend to making éclairs, soufflés, macaroons and madeleines.

{2} Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer
Creativity fascinates me. And, this book just might answer some of my most sought-after questions: How did Pixar designed its office space to get the most out of its talent? Why are brainstorming meetings a terrible idea? Why might the colour blue double my creative output?

{3} My Year with Eleanor
Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote “Do one thing every day that scares you” is a motto written on notebooks everywhere; yet very few of us heed the advice. The book follows a recently unemployed entertainment blogger through a period of self-doubt. She spends the days leading up to her 30th birthday pursuing a “Year of Fear”.  (the plot reminds me of The Year of Yes – the story of saying “yes” to everyone who asks you out. The philosophy didn't work so well for me)

{4} Vanity Fair - May 2012
Everytime the Vanity Fair Hollywood issue lands in my mailbox, I am giddy with excitement. My expectations for the special TV issue are just as high. (Admittedly, the cover already disappoints - why take talented female actors and make them get into bed?) With an upcoming trip to Naples, Italy, this story of a mobster intrigues me.

{5} Istanbul City Guide
This summer, Ross and I are venturing to Turkey for a few weeks. I can’t stop thinking about Istanbul: the history, the baazars, the food! Already my list of things to do is H-U-G-E: this wacky tour, this culinary walk and a whole day here (60 streets, 5,000 shops and 250,000 people shopping).

Any other suggestions for a good read?