Off to Leon We Go

Happy Weekend! I’m starting the weekend off right with my bachelorette party on Saturday. A day of fun and wine with my favourite gals.

On Monday, my sister and I are boarding a flight to Leon, Mexico. It’s a work trip. Really. We’ve hired a translator and scheduled five days of meetings. Over cold drinks at night, we are going to think big and design our company with intention. To mix a little fun into our trip we carefully choose this hotel for its pool.

Have you ever been to Leon? It’s smack in the middle of Mexico just a few hours north of Mexico City. It sounds rather cool; Leon is one of the most bicycle-friendly large cities in Latin America.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Here's some snapshots:

1. Cowboy Boots from Leon
2. Cathedral
3. Burro Pinata
4. International Hot Air Balloon Festival
5. Bike paths in Leon
Above: Mexican Party Banner