a little note :: iMedia Conference, Marathons & Top Secret Projects

(this is the start of a new series. Every Friday, I am going to share a ‘little note’ that delivers a more personal angle. This column is a result of all the emails I receive asking me to share more of myself on CityandDale.com. At first, I was a bit apprehensive – this blog is really an open love letter to Edmonton; it was never intended to be about me. But when I considered what draws me to my favourite blogs, it’s the personal aspect. So, let’s get personal! And, you can expect to learn more about the other contributors too.)

Whew. Life is busy, but so exciting right now. My mind is twirling with creativity and enthusiasm.

I am working on two very innovative, top-secret projects (one with this talented lady and the other with my sister). I can’t wait to share both projects with you (hopefully, very soon).

My schedule is jam-packed with travel. Last weekend, I was in Calgary for the Eye Recommend Conference with the team from eye-bar optometrists, opticians and eyewear specialists. The main takeaways: be different and remember it’s all about people.

On Saturday, I am speaking on a panel at the iMedia Conference alongside these unbelievably fun folks: Mack Male, Kathleen Smith and Ryan Jespersen. Then, I am dashing off to the airport to catch a plane to Vancouver. On Sunday, I am lacing-up my running shoes for the Vancouver Marathon. I’ve been training for months with the gals in the photo above. And, I’m ready to set a PR (my goal: 3 hours, 15 minutes). I want to have the race of my life (and then enjoy copious amounts of wine and good food in celebration).

Next week, I’ll be making the rounds to these great events: Startup Edmonton Grand Opening Party and Gala Guru TEN.

The rest of May is insane: a work-related trip to Mexico, my bachelorette party, and a complete redesign of CityandDale.com.

Yup, it’s a month of hard work and non-stop fun.