meatless monday :: Meatless Loaf

If you’re a vegan/vegetarian and live in Edmonton, you’ve probably bought something from the Planet Organic deli section. It’s like fast food for us folks! From eggplant lasagne to tofu snacks, quinoa salad to veggie panani, it’s not your average deli!

One of our favourite dishes to pick up after a long day of work is the meatless meatloaf. Comfort food without the fat.

But with our work schedules as of late, the cost of doing so pushed us to make our own! So here is the link to our favourite of three recipes we tested.

We like to replace half the pinto beans with black beans to make it more like Planet Organic’s. You can use any combination of your favourite legumes.

What’s your favourite take-out item from Planet Organic’s deli section?