shop :: Wild Prairie Soap Co.

Mother’s Day is a perfect time to tell you about a little Edmonton gem that you and your mom will love – Wild Prairie Soap Company! This Whyte Avenue soaperie has been creating natural, environmentally friendly, and all around pleasing soaps and other personal care products since 2005.

The biggest selling feature is the ingredients (or lack thereof); the base of each soap is at least 50% olive oil, combined with coconut oil, palm oil, botanicals, and essential oils. Depending on the soap, you can find grain, flowers, and even coffee thrown into the mix! All soaps are vegetable based with no detergents, no harsh chemicals, and no animal byproducts.

One of our favorite new products we picked up when we stopped in to smell all the different soaps (there are approximately 30 kinds to try) was actually not a soap, but a lotion bar! For lack of a better explanation, this looks like a stick of deodorant but it’s a moisturizing lotion. PERFECT for throwing in a suitcase or beach bag – easy to pass through airport security and no greasy hands after applying.  They even have one called Sole Mate that is specially designed for dry, tired feet!

Everyone should stop in and see how wonderful a soaperie is to visit. If the soaps and lotion bars aren’t alluring enough, we can let you in on a little secret: The soap ends during production are saved to give to customers as samples! Anyone who comes in the store can have a sample to fall in love with at home.

Wild Prairie Soap Co. (10746 – 82 Avenue, 780.439.6640,