celebrate :: Father's Day Gift Ideas

In my Grade One journal, I drew a picture of my dad beside his green sports car. In my neatest seven-year-old printing, I wrote, “I love my dad. He teaches me right and wrong.” Here are a couple things you could consider getting Dad to show him thanks for making you who you are today.

Treat Dad to a classic straight shave and some essential grooming accessories from Barber Ha. The most recent items flying off their shelves are Kent Military Brushes. These brushes will last Dad a lifetime, stimulate hair growth, and make him feel like a well-maintained horse (Barber Ha assures me this is a good thing).

Being Prepared is Key
Count on The Artworks to have a cool gift idea. A Japanese designed Swiss Army Knife appropriately named Tomo (meaning friend and companion in Japanese) – available in 7 different colors and only $25. When you’re there, be sure to pick up one of their unique and beautiful Father’s Day Cards.

Homemade Double Double
If they haven’t already met, introduce Dad to his new morning addiction. Credo offers Intelligentsia coffee beans in many varieties to take home. Enjoy every exquisite cup knowing the direct trade farmers are committed to social and environmental sustainability.

Père de Cuisine
If your father happens to be a world-class chef (or considers himself one), these beautiful and unique cutting boards are for him. Support local designer, Geoffrey Lilge, and pick up one of the solid FSC-Certified walnut charcuterie boards that are available at the one and only 29 Armstrong.

Or if your dad is anything like my dad…
He’ll say “don’t spend your money on me, you keep it for yourself” or “I don’t need anything, it’s just another day”. In that case, stop by The Artworks to get him a card, and pick out something unnecessary for yourself. Then, show Papa Bear what you got to remind him how cool his daughter is.

* images above: 1. Card from The Artworks / 2. Swiss Army Knife from The Artworks / 3. Intelligentsia Coffee from Credo / 4. A Shave from Barber Ha / 5. Walnut Charcuterie Board from 29 Armstrong