goodbye :: to the Single Life

In a week, I’ll be enroute to Italy for my wedding. With the date so close, everything is happening so fast. I wish I had more time to enjoy the process of planning a wedding. With life so crazy (and a very talented wedding planner), decisions have come easily and quickly. And, wham! The date is almost here. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I met the man I’ll marry (here’s the story of how we met).

The best part about weddings: all the celebrations with friends and family. A few weekends ago, we celebrated with the classiest bachelorette party. The afternoon started with homemade bulldogs (beers stuck upside down in margaritas). We played some lawn games (bocci, golf ladders). We laughed a lot.

We had dinner at one of my favourite restaurants: Sabor Divino. My sisters worked with the restaurant to create a special 4-course dinner prepared with wine pairings. The food was outrageously delicious; and the wine drinking was copious. (...and I just love the soft, live music at Sabor Divino.) Dinner went very late. To finish the night, a small group of us went dancing… and we literally danced until the lights came on. (I can’t remember that last time I was at the bar so late.)

It was a spectacular night. Thanks to my sister, Justine, and dear friend, Fionna, for organizing. Thanks to my future-mother-in-law for making the trip from Kelowna.  And, to Sabor Divino – you’re the best. Thanks for being so flexible and serving a great dinner.