take me away :: The Packing List

Packing a perfect suitcase is almost an art form. One always strives to travel minimally but stylishly and always dresses for any situation.

When traveling, I always aim to be stylish. It makes me feel less like a tourist and able to enjoy trotting around town or lounging beachside like a local.

My family pokes fun at me, but I am a list. When packing, I simply print and follow the list. It makes arranging a suitcase so easy and minimizes the tendency to forget things like cell phone chargers or a toothbrush.

You can download a copy of my super helpful packing list.

… and before I dash off to Europe, I am going to leave you with a few of my favorite packing tips:

  1. Choose a color theme (and rock it!). If you select a single color scheme, you’ll be able to toss together so many individual clothing items. As you mix and match; all your clothes will work over time. For example, pack a suitcase filled mostly with blue and white or red and black.
  2. Pack some bold accessories. Necklaces, earrings, rings, belts, etc. take up no space in your luggage and transform outfits insanely easy.
  3. On the plane, dress for both your departing city and destination by layering. I always travel in pants with a tank top, sweater and scarf (for cuddling or using as a makeshift pillow). Remember to toss in a pair of travel socks for passing through security and keeping your toes toasty as you fly over oceans.
  4. Always, always pack a collapsible tote that can be used as a beach bag, day trip sack or for buying groceries at the market.
  5. Put your liquids into a plastic bag. Save yourself from any disasters in your suitcase.
  6. If traveling with technology, I always like to load it ahead of time. For example, buy and load new books onto my eReader or purchase an international calling plan for my mobile.

Stay tuned...
Over the couple of weeks, I am going to share more inspiration for getting away in style. We'll chat about travel-friendly beauty and the perfect shoes to pack.