5 best :: Ice Cream, Gelato & Frozen Yogurt

The warmer temperatures have your taste buds begging for the sweet taste of cold treats.

1. Da Capo is well loved for its expertly-made lattes and cappuccinos, and authentic Italian gelato. Made from scratch with flavors changing daily. Torn between espresso and gelato? Just combine them by ordering a ‘affogato’ where a scoop of gelato is drowned in espresso. You can get your fix at the original Da Capo (8738 - 109 Street) or visit the newly opened Da Capo Via Bianca (8135 102 Street) where the menu consists of espresso beverages, beer, wine, pastries and gelato.

2. Edmonton is exploding with frozen yogurt bars. The concept is simple: choose your frozen yogurt (insert flavours) and go crazy with toppings (sour candies, berries, coconut, chocolate sauce, pieces of candy bars, etc). Scoop up frozen yogurt at Kiwi Kiss (downtown), Tutti Frutti (Whyte Avenue), Twisted Yogurt (Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove & Southside),  Pinkberry (opening soon at West Edmonton Mall) and the been-around-since-forever: Yogen Fruz (all over town)

3. Since 1948, Calgarians have been daytripping to Cochrane for its renowned ice cream: Mackays. This old-fashioned, delicious ice cream has found a home in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona Antique Mall (10323 78 Avenue). Made with 100% Canadian butterfat cream, this family-made ice cream comes in delicious varieties like cookie dough, bubblegum, chocolate fudge chunk and maple walnut.

4. The Whyte Avenue mainstay of Block 1912 (10361 82 Avenue)  dishes up gelato, non-dairy sorbetto and soy-based tofulatis offering delicious vegan and lactose-free options. Scoop multiple scoops of ice cream in one of Block 1912’s famous homemade waffle cone and go for a stroll down Whyte Avenue.

5. Get cool at home with locally-made Pinocchio’s ice cream and sorbets. The ice cream is made from scratch with real cream in Italian style. Best flavors are dulce de leche, pistachio, chocolate peanut butter and real coconut. Searching for a dairy-free option? Scoop up some sorbet in delicious cocotions like: lemon (made from fresh squeeze lemons from California); champagne (made with real champagne!); Orange Campari (hello, Italy!); and raspberry (made from pure BC raspberry puree). You find Pinocchio’s at The Italian Centre, Planet Organic, Sunterra, Wild Earth Foods and more delicious places.


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