meet :: Callie Derksen

I am so excited we’ve finally introduced the core team at For the longest time, we’ve all hidden behind the blog (myself included!). It feels so wonderful to publicly say hello. Writing, sharing and maintaining is a lot of work, but it is so rewarding. I’ve met so many amazing people. I’ve fallen in love with Edmonton a hundred times over. And, I feel more and more connected to the city I call home. It’s been over two years ago since I wrote these first posts. Next, Jenifer started writing, an insanely useful and charming blog about enjoying Edmonton with kiddies in tow.

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to Callie.

This gal just might have been the very first person to read (well after Ross, my sisters, and my parents). From the beginning Callie and I would banter back and forth on Twitter. We share a lot in common – a love for fashion, experiential cooking, turning the conventional a little upside down and taking on too much. When Callie originally contacted me about writing for, I swooned. Initially, Callie focused on being a vegetarian in Edmonton by sharing recipes and local restaurants. Now, Callie is stepping into a much a larger role at where she’ll be dishing on fashion, lifestyle, and of course, food.

To better acquaint you with Callie, I asked her a few questions. Enjoy her answers.


Why are you so excited to be part of
I love how Kendall created a space that highlights the good life of Edmonton. I am a big supporter of the city (now that I've got to know it) and I love to write! I'm most excited to discover and share hidden gems and support local businesses, all while having an outlet for my creative side.

Tell us about you in a nutshell.
I'm a public relations gal by day, blogger by night, food and fashion enthusiast 24/7. 

What inspires your style?
My small budget. (Kidding! Well kind of...) While my style is classic, I love to keep up with fashion. I’ll splurge on key pieces each season to build upon my wardrobe, but stick to a small budget when it comes to trends. I'm also a huge accessories girl!

Please describe yourself in three words:
Health-nut, foodie, driven
Two things every gal living on the prairies must own:
A great pair (or 5) of boots and lots of moisturizer!
Your favourite things to do on Saturday....
Have tea with friends, or a cup by myself with a great book.
Ditto for a glass of good wine.
Go to the market with my mom.
Dinner dates (especially at Sabor Divino or Blue Plate Diner)
Flip through cookbooks and fashion magazines (this is my happy place)

How long have you lived in Edmonton?
18 years (was born in Saskatoon, moved to Calgary then Edmonton...a prairie girl through and through)

Your favourite things about Edmonton?
I love the creative culture. From great writers, bloggers, photographers, entrepreneurs... to the arts  scene and festivals, there's so much inspiration around the city.  


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