shop :: Black Silver by So Pretty Jewelry

A new, black-silver collection from Edmonton jewelry designer, Cara Cotter, has us convinced that dark, haunting metals can hint at femininity.

Thanks to the metal ruthenium, the jewelry exudes a jet black or gunmetal color. Ruthenium is the hardest of all precious metals beating out platinum, gold, silver and rhodium. Bordering gothic in color, it’s Cotter’s modern designs that juxtapose the overtly edgy look with softness. We especially dig the “Pixel” collection where circles add dimension and tenderness to the jewelry pieces.

Why rush to buy a ruthenium pair of earrings or necklace? Because Cotter always is at the forefront of jewelry design; she designed and made rose gold pieces long before rose gold gained popularity.

The “Pixel” collection is part of Cotter’s So Pretty Jewelry line. Her jewelry can be purchased online at or at Coup Garment Boutique

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