meet :: Gillian Thomson

Last week, you met Callie. Now, I am so excited to introduce you to another key contributor to Please meet the delightful Gillian.

Gillian makes me laugh. She’s instantly witty, optimistic and thoughtful. Gillian’s been hanging around for a while now. She quickly discovered allows her to do what she does best: get lost in Edmonton and then tell everyone about her adventures. As Gillian journeyed up and down the streets and avenues of the city, she fell madly in love with local businesses. She is always gushing about Edmonton-born shops, products and events. When Gillian approached me about wanting to take over managing the advertising on; I cheered with joy! Gillian is equally creative as analytical, and just as brilliant as she is funny. I can’t think of a better person to help companies and brands connect with our readers.

I asked her some questions; she delivered perfectly Gillian-answers. Take a read.


Why are you fascinated with all things pretty?
Good question. Why not surround yourself with things that make you happy? I like anything that is pleasing to look at or reminds me of a fond memory. You could say I'm all about the little details. Or, as my friends and family would more lovingly call it, "nitpicky."

What are three sources of inspiration for you?
magazines, blogs, and others being successful doing what they love

Please describe yourself in three words:
clever, crafty, nerdy. 

Two things every gal living on the prairies must own:
a heavy duty lip moisturizer, and any winter accessory made of cashmere

Your favourite things to do on Saturday....
Saturday morning = breakfast with my parents. Then, catch up with friends over tea, or walk around the farmer's market (during the summer). Lately, you could find me doing some serious negotiating at garage sales, getting my hands on any new crafty projects. My sister is getting sick of me suggesting we paint everything around our house metallic gold.

How long have you lived in Edmonton?
I've spent all of my life here except for elementary school (that was in Grande Prairie).

You’re favourite things about Edmonton?
Tons of interesting people watching, the University, and scenic routes in the river valley and around the city are enjoyable to drive or walk along any day. And (most days) I love that all of my family is here!


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