In season in July (market picks)

Summer is in full swing and the market is overflowing with colorful fruits and vegetables. Here are my picks for July with recipes from our local food bloggers.



Look for bright and plump cherries, with unblemished skins. Eat by the handful or bake into desserts such as clafoutis (regular or sour cherry)



Pick peas with plump and bright green pods. Steam, boil or stir-fry if not eating raw. Try a variety of types, like our local food bloggers:

Snow peas cut in a prairie garden salad

Sweet peas pureed into a fennel scented puree (great with seared scallops)

Snap peas stir-fryed three ways



Tomatoes should have smooth, unblemished skins and feel firm when squeezed. Slice into sandwiches and salads, or try:

Lemon Pasta Salad with asparagus and tomatoes

Cassoulet-style Italian sausages

Homemade ketchup


Red Bell Peppers:


Just like tomatoes, bell peppers should have smooth, unblemished skins and be firm when squeezed. Red peppers are delicious raw, sliced and dipped in hummus (or made into hummus for that matter.) When diced, peppers are often added to chili, soup, stew and pasta. I recently tried grilling them whole, along with zucchini, to make a grilled summer salad for a meatless monday.


 Photos by Callie Derksen