eat :: Sabor Divino's Classic Seafood Festival

Sabor Divino is shucking good seafood to landlocked Edmonton. The restaurant is hosting its first annual Classic Seafood Festival.

The festival packs a lot of fresh oysters, prawns and tasty fish entrees into a month long celebration. The menu focuses on classic seafood dishes like Coquillea Saint Jacques, Oysters Rockefeller, bouilliabaise (a medley of fresh fish and seafood in a broth), and lobster thermidore (whole live lobster broiled with bisque, gruyere cheese and bread crumbs). The entire menu has been transformed for a month of seafood indulgence. (For those who really love masterfully prepared meats, the menu features four other dishes – lamb, chicken, tenderloin and steak frites.)

To really celebrate, you’ll probably need a drink. Wine director, Nick Tooke, has selected five incredible wines to perfectly pair with the seafood menu. Enjoy the unexpected refreshing rosé or a chardonnay that will change how you feel about the grape.

The coast is clear for you to reserve your table for spectacular seafood.

What: Classic Seafood Festival
Where: Sabor Divino Restaurant (10220 103 Street, Edmonton)
When: Friday, August 10 to Saturday, September 8
Reservations: By phone 780-757-1114 or online via Open Table

Fun seafood story: Oysters Rockefellar were created at the New Orleans restaurant Antoine’s (the oldest family-run restaurant in the USA). In 1899, Jules Alciatore, the son of the restaurant’s founder, was facing a shortage of French snails. Creatively, Alciatore created a dish using locally available oysters topped with a rich sauce and named it after John D. Rockefeller, the richest American at the time. The dish features oysters topped with a green vegetable puree, breadcrumbs and baked. The original recipe remains a secret with chefs around the globe do their best to re-create the dish. Sabor Divino’s Chef Lino does an impressive job!