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Taking a class is a really fun way to learn more about something you're interested in, take up a new hobby, and make some new friends.  Most of the post-secondary institutions around town offer adult continuing education classes that are designed for adults that want to learn more about a certain topic. There are course offerings in computer programs, business, languages, art, fitness, cooking, gardening, and so much in between - basically anything you can think of. These courses are open to the general public. You don't need to be a student at a certain school to benefit from their instruction. Timing can range from one weekend up to a couple nights per week for a few months. Many of the courses start in September, so now is a good time to secure your spot! Here's a list of a few places to look, with a couple of unique course offerings we stumbled upon.

There are a few other places to look for enlightenment. Take hosting to a new level with a bartending course. Some restaurants around town offer cooking classes (Sorrentino’s, for example), and most local craft/scrapbooking stores offer weekly classes, including card making which is especially popular around any holiday. Now get out there, feed your mind!

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