try :: Eyelash Extensions


Have you seen or tried eyelash extensions yet? When I first heard about them, I envisioned really cheap looking fake lashes that look like they require effort to keep eyelids open. Once I had seen them done on some friends, I realized this is not the case at all! When Courtney, the lovely lady behind Lash Affair Lounge, approached us about trying out eyelash extensions, I was all curiosity and anticipation.

Lash Affair Lounge started up over 3 years ago out of Courtney’s home. They only focus on lashes, which makes them experts in extensions, semi-permanent mascara, lifts (permanent curl lasting 2 months), and all the products that go with it. They will be moving into their new space in south Edmonton next month where 8 technicians will be able to apply fully customized lengths and thickness of lashes for you. The lashes can be synthetic, silk, or Siberian mink fur (don’t worry, cruelty free) depending on the effect and function you’re going for.

I let Courtney do her magic with my lashes, leaving all the decisions up to her. I told her that I feared looking like I glued spiders to my eyelids.  She totally understood and she was excited that my fair skin and light lashes would perfectly demonstrate the dramatic effect of some natural looking extensions. The process is pretty simple: lay down for about 1.5 hours with your eyes closed, then sit up looking beautiful (many people fall asleep). Lower lashes are kept separate by tucking them under an anti-aging conditioning pad.  Then individual extensions are adhered to your own eyelashes (using medical grade adhesive), one by one. The lashes I got were silk, which is their densest, richest black. I had a mix of the shortest and medium length extensions because that’s all I needed to have a more enhanced look. They were so great – I was diligent with my home care (being gentle with them and applying a light sealant every morning) and I didn’t have to wear eye makeup for a full 3.5 weeks!  If you have a special event coming up, or you like to feel feminine and pretty with minimal effort (like me), then Lash Affair Lounge is the first place you should call.

Lash Affair Lounge (11756-10Ave SW, (780)966-7470,,