beauty :: Fall Skincare Routine

At a recent brunch with my sisters, we were chatting about the joys of moving into our thirties – confidence, happiness and good life rhythm. I confessed a downfall of getting older – my slight obsession with skincare. For years, I ignored my skin. Now with each passing birthday, I’m more aware than ever that skin is one of the most-noticeable features.

Living in a northern climate, our skin is way more exposed to dry, cold air. As the heat of summer disappeared, I wondered when should I be changing my skincare routine? Autumn brings cooler temperatures but sunny days. When should I part with my lightweight moisturizer and switch to products that deliver a serious cold weather skin-care punch?

Have the same questions as me? Lucky for us, Julie Chamoun, Vichy Canada’s Scientific and Medical Expert, agreed to a little Q&A to answer my questions about fall skincare.

Should I modify my skincare routine for fall? Or should I just wait until the weather turns really cold?
The best thing you can do is observe and listen to your own skin. For example, if you feel that your skin is getting tighter and less comfortable then consider changing your light moisturizer to a richer form. Chamoun suggests using Vichy Aqaualia Thermal Riche.

How should my skincare regime change from summer to fall?
Fall is the time when we really look to repair our skin from summer damage. Exfoliation is very important at this time of year. By exfoliating, you’ll remove the excess of dead skin cells and sun damage, which will help allow better penetration of active ingredients. (note: I love Vichy Purete Thermal Exfoliating Cream. For acne prone skin, Chamoun recommends Normaderm Tri-Activ Mask)

What type of active ingredients should I look for in skincare products designed with chilly temperatures in mind?
If you do a lot of winter sports or if you are outdoors for a long period of time in cooler weather, you need a skin care product that will protect your skin from the harsh wind and cold. Look for something that has a bandage like effect and that would nourishes your skin. Ingredients like dimethicone, shea butter, glycerin are important … and of course sunscreen is still a must!

How long do skincare products last? Am I able to store my summer skincare products until next year?
It’s best to just follow the expiration date on the product as product expiration dates vary from product to product. A product’s longevity also depends on the application technique/process - is the product in a jar? A tube? If it’s in a jar do you use your fingers or a spatula to extract the product? If you take the proper precaution to minimize contamination and you store your products well, they should still be good to use next summer as long as they are not expired. And don’t think about putting away your sunscreens – this product is a must each and every day all year long!

Is it more effective to use products from only one skincare line rather than mix different brands? 
Usually brands test routines and product efficacy when they are used in conjunction because their actions could be cumulative. However, if you wish to mix brands, make sure that the actions are not counteractive.  Routines are different from one person to another based on personal preferences; it’s difficult to say that one should stick to an exact routine set out by one particular brand. Every step of a routine is important, cleansing, make-up remover, exfoliating, hydrating, and treating. Therefore it is important to have the proper products according the skin types and concerns for ultimate results. We recommend that you consult with a Beauty Advisor in a drugstore or pharmacy to determine your exact skin type and then they can recommend a routine that meets all your needs.  

A big thank you to Julie!