Welcome to 2013 :: New Directions for City and Dale

I love January.

December brings much indulgence, sparkle and celebration but most notably it brings rest. For the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, the expectation is simply to read books, watch movies, sleep in and be lazy. Each year, I take this time to reflect. I write goals, I check-in with my future vision for myself. Usually, I add new ideas and projects to my list of things to “get done”. This year is different. I made a list of my activities and I started crossing things off that I was doing but not enjoying. What do I need to stop doing so I can have more time to focus on things I really, really love?

Since 2009, I’ve been writing, sharing and blogging on CityandDale.com. Most weeks, I’d post 3-6 times. I realize how much this blog has changed when I look back at all my posts in chronological order. And I see so clearly, the evolution of it all – and really the evolution of me. The best thing about a blog is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Originally, I wanted CityandDale.com to be a one-stop place for fashion and events in Edmonton. This slowly shifted to an overall lifestyle focus. My inspiration for blogging has changed over time from creative outlet to obsession with sharing Edmonton to love of meeting new people.

It’s time to re-invent CityandDale.com.

I want to slow down. Delivering new content everyday is no longer going to be a stress of mine (neither will sharing it compulsively on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram). I want to blog to discover – and this takes time to research, to write.

The interests and topics covered on CityandDale.com will expand beyond Edmonton. Starting Poppy Barley and running eye-bar has shifted my views on what “local” means. While I applaud the local movement, I believe it’s not really about being local; it’s about being better. At eye-bar, we don’t expect people to walk through the doors because we are a “local-business”; we want our customers to choose us because we are the best. Being a smaller company provides tremendous flexibility to do things differently and to adjust to the interests of your customers. Poppy Barley will grow beyond a “local” company, but it will always be very proud of its Edmonton roots.

CityandDale.com needs to grow beyond Edmonton too. For years, I thought content about Edmonton would only be relevant to those living in the Edmonton area. Now, I see this was a very small way of thinking. Our stories, talents and discoveries will resonate with a much broader audience when shared the right way.

CityandDale.com will be a place of discovery, of thoughtfulness, and of creativity. The posts will be less frequent, but hopefully more engaging – and it will take the C+D team some time to transition. It’s hard to slow down when you’ve been running on top speed for so long. (please cheer us on with patience)

And so we begin 2013, with the new approach of “slow”, “genuine”, and “resourceful” content that is crazy fun to discover, write and share.

Welcome to another amazing year.