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began as a printer specializing in large format printing and academic work for U of A students. When they moved to their current Whyte Avenue location, they filled the space with retail items, and we're so glad they did. Vivid Print's store is so enjoyable to be in. They have a large selecton of regional and provincial archive materials (maps, photos, blueprints!), lomography cameras, and more print related goodies. Some highlights: City and Province planning maps, Canadian Pacific advertisements for Canadian destinations, and reproductions of Edmonton's original bus blinds. 

They make Edmonton and Alberta's history accessible for your personal art collection. They see a lot of ex-Edmontonians looking for a piece of Edmonton to bring to their new home. You might run into family members of Edmonton's landmark architects who are picking up a part of their family's history. Besides the archives, they feature contemporary prints from local artists (browse through their online store).Clockwise from top left: Leroy Schulz, Bee Waeland, Jason Blower, Adrien Koleric

You don't need a design or museum curating background to have good taste. Vivid Print knows that and is here to help. Do you have a photo you're proud of and you want to print it on something unique? Want to know your options of print sizes and materials? Have a few pieces you don't know how to tie together in a room? They love to help you get meaningful art in your home and they welcome a challenge. 

Tips For Displaying Your Art Collection

Height: Sure, we've heard that we should hang art at eye level, but what if there are tall and short people looking at it? For a single piece of art, the center of the image should be at 56" - 60" from the floor, which places it at eye level. The larger the piece of art, the closer to 56" it should be.

Size: What's size of print(s) is good to hang over a sofa? 

Rule of Thumb: When hanging artwork over a sofa or other piece of furniture, leave 4"- 8" of space between the top of the sofa/furniture and the bottom of the art (Rules are for breaking too!).

Hanging: Before you start puncturing the walls, create a layout using paper cut to the size of art pieces. Use repositionable tape to arrange the papers until you're satisfied with the placement. You can mark and install the hanging hooks while the paper is still in place as a guide.

More tips for displaying and choosing art can be found on their handy website.

Vivid Print's Pinterest page is worth checking out - get ideas for displaying art in your home, see what they have in store, and peruse some Edmonton archives.

Vivid Print (780.428.4843, 10342 Whyte Avenue,