Edmonton Weekend Guide :: March 7-10

Daniel Costa of Corso 32. Photo by Curtis Comeau via Avenue Edmonton

Daniel Costa of Corso 32. Photo by Curtis Comeau via Avenue Edmonton

Dear Corso32: It's obvious that everyone loves you. We understand why. Now that you've topped not one but two lists this week, your hard-to-get game playing will likely just get worse. We'll still chase you, though. If you missed any of these lists, check out:
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Say hello to Gillian when you catch her in the crowd at Pecha Kucha Night 15 (Thursday night - doors at 6:30, show 7:30). Ten presenters on a variety of topics challenge themselves to 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide. The audience leaves enlightened and/or entertained. Tickets are still available here.

A new wine bar called Jono's Bar recently opened on Jasper Avenue and 119 Street. We haven't been, and they're still putting finishing touches on the website, but if you're a wine bar early adopter, you should check it out this weekend.

Guys! Specifically, vintage clothes loving guys! There will be a Vintage 2A pop-up shop for men's vintage clothes set up at Barber Ha starting Monday, running all week. Monday night is For The Boys: An Evening of Vintage: a big launch party with drinks, racks of vintage gentleman wear, shave demos and more.