buy :: Band-Aid Friction Block Stick


We've been wearing flats and sandals for a few weeks now, so I hope it isn't too late to share a miracle product with you. Every Spring I have to re-aquaint my feet with all my flats and sandals which used to involve blisters or ugly bandaids that would fall off.

Band-Aid's Friction Block Stick will save your feet from blisters! Identify the spots on your feet that will be rubbed by your shoes, then apply some Friction Block Stick to that spot before you leave home. It's hard to explain - the stick is like a mini creamy/waxy deodorant stick. It doesn't feel sticky, and it doesn't leave residue on your shoes. It's mind boggling, really.

Another aspect of this magical product's mystery: where to find it. I look at London Drugs or Shopper's where the bandaids and foot insoles are sold. Sometimes they have it, sometimes they don't. When I find it, I usually grab a couple of them.

Two little notes:

  • If you leave the Friction Block Stick in a warm place (beach bag, car parked in the sun), it will melt!
  • If your shoes are so tight that they cut into your skin, this is not going to help. It only helps with shoes that chafe the skin.

*Tory Burch sandals found here. Band-Aid Friction Block Stick image found here.