eat :: Evoolution Summer Recipes


I want to learn how to cook. I want my meals to be Gillian-proof (read: simple), delicious, but still kind of fancy. The only way I'm going to learn is by doing. I knew exactly who would help me meet the above criteria without laughing me away... Evoolution! If you're unfamiliar with this gem of a store, read our profile of the oil and vinegar boutique.

I explained that I'm a beginner and that I wanted to experiment with their oils and vinegars for more than just the go-to salad dressing.  They quickly came up with six recipes that would a) be easy enough for me to make, and b) impress my dinner guests and make them believe I can cook. 

Whether you're a seasoned chef or a newbie like me, a great place for inspiration is Evoolution's recipe listing. They have been perfecting and sharing easy, yummy recipes on their blog, giving us ideas for how to incorporate all of their flavourful oils and vinegars. Evoolution also hosts free tasting parties - a chance to learn about their products and sample dishes prepared with them. The next one will be in August. Keep your eyes peeled to this website to reserve your spot.

I would not call myself a food photographer, but I would now say that I'm a pro at making these dishes. Here are the full recipes, in printable format. Enjoy!