Market Monday :: Wild and (Gluten) Free


Sangudo Growers Association
Edmonton Petroleum Club Outdoor Market (11110 Ave & 108 St) - Sundays 10am-2pm
124 Grand Market (124 St & 108 Ave) - Thursdays 4-8pm

“These days, people are really looking to purchase their food from a trusted source. They want to know exactly where their food comes from, what’s in it. This is what Sangudo Growers Association (SGA) aims to provide,” explained Heather Senger.

Senger and her husband Jeff own a 160-acre mixed farm together, located about an hour northwest of Edmonton near Sangudo, where they raise Berkshire hogs and heritage breed laying hens.

Together, with the help of Elyse Chatterton, a classically trained English butcher, they make up the Sangudo Growers Association (SGA). The Sengers are also part-owners of the Sangudo Custom Meat Packers.

To say that responsible farming, paired with a keen interest in creating mouth-watering combinations of in-season delicacies, is a passion of theirs would be an understatement – it is quite literally the family business.

 “We believe in providing certified organic and non-certified farm finished meat, raised outside and completely free of hormones,” said Senger.

With the help of Chatterton’s culinary prowess, SGA also offers a wide-range of gluten-free options, from their savoury gluten free chilli beef koftas, to their sweet gluten free pork, apple and fennel sausages.

Chatterton said her personal index of recipes and gastronomic experiments are vast, her only limitation being what’s in season at any given time.

Tease your appetite with SGA’s weekly revolving menu. You can catch them on Sundays at Edmonton Petroleum Club Outdoor Market or Thursdays at 124 Grand Market.

Christina Weichel is sharing her summer market discoveries for City and Dale. She is a freelance writer and photographer currently living in downtown yeg. She’s also an avid runner/aspirant yogi/fashion aficionado/occasional gypsy and housewife to her cat.