style :: Weekly Barbershop & Boutique


 Weekly Barbershop & Boutique is a barbershop for ladies and gents. It's the latest addition to the Mercer Warehouse roster, tucked in a corner of the warehouse's basement.


The space was designed with guys in mind - a very underground, industrial feel. It's an unexpected space for a barbershop, which really adds to the cool factor.

The casual, laid-back place is a full service barbershop/salon for men and women. They offer Kevin Murphy hair products (for men and women) and Baxter of California products (for the gents). Soon their shelves will be full of mens boutique items like skincare and body care (beauty products? handsome products?), grooming supplies, and more.


Weekly Barbershop & Boutique is open Tuesday to Saturday, and open late on Thursdays. To book appointments and learn more about Weekly, visit their website.

Weekly Barbershop & Boutique (10359-104 St, 587.524.4247,