Market Monday :: Through A Child's Eyes


City Market
Saturdays, 9am-3pm
104 Street from Jasper Ave to 102 Ave

Sometimes, all it takes to freshen a routine is to see it through a different lens. I thought it would be fun to take my four year old cousin to City Market to see how my usual Saturday morning would differ with a new sidekick.  

She was sporting the perfect market outfit: a colourful sundress and a handmade purse. We set out with a small shopping list and stopped everywhere that caught her eye.

First, the headbands and hair clips from Chely Girls caught her eye.  Next stop, bracelets. At only $1 each, we couldn't help but pick out three. After she was fully accessorized, a bin with $1 rubber duckies grabbed her attention. We put that in her purse for safe keeping until the next bath time.

I thought she would be distracted by cake pops, face painters, and puppies. Turns out, she couldn't be bothered. She was just as excited about swinging around street lamps and putting runaway plastic bags in garbage cans. I actually had to talk her into getting a balloon animal (Rapunzel, of course), which she later told me was her favourite part (told you so). 

It was really interesting to experience the market with a fresh perspective. Instead of beelining to the fresh produce, it was nice to slow down and have the simpler pleasures pointed out to me. I recommend it to everyone.