Market Monday :: A Colourful Spread


Riverbend Gardens
Discovered at Beverly Towne Farmers’ Market

When you first set eyes on Riverbend Gardens’ vendor display, without a doubt the first thing to strike you will be the vibrancy and colour of their produce. Luscious purples, fuchsias, emeralds, auburns, and yellows will draw you in from across the lot. As you get closer your eyes will adjust to the prism and you’ll start to notice that these colours aren’t exactly representative of the produce you would expect.

Those deep shades of violet are a variety of cauliflower called ‘Graffiti,’ and the sunny shades of yellow you see are a variety of bean called ‘Yellow Wax.’ 
In fact, Riverbend Gardens produces more than 20 different varieties of all sorts of vegetables.

“We actually produce four different varieties of beans in total,” said Krystal Braam, manager at Riverbend Gardens. “These beans are called Dragons Tongue,” she said, showing off a handful of Dutch wax beans, speckled with hints of green and purple throughout.

Braam went on to list the different varieties of beets and cabbages they produce, including sugar beets and ‘Caraflex’ cabbage (perhaps the sweetest of all the cabbage varieties).

Of course, being a fourth-generation, family owned and operated farm, Riverbend Gardens also knows the importance of nurturing tradition, which is why they also produce all the beloved staples: carrots, broccoli, rhubarb, peas, etc.

Nestled on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, in the easternmost point of the city, Riverbend Gardens boasts more than 120 acres of farmable land, which they cultivate with as tiny a carbon footprint as possible. But you can find them at nearly every Farmers’ Market in greater Edmonton.  

Add some flair to your next meal; discover the rainbow that is Riverbend Gardens.


Christina Weichel is sharing her summer market discoveries for City and Dale. She is a freelance writer and photographer currently living in downtown yeg. She’s also an avid runner/aspirant yogi/fashion aficionado/occasional gypsy and housewife to her cat.