Edmonton Wedding Guide II :: For The Grooms

The Edmonton Wedding Guide II: A continuation of our previous guide that uncovers the importance of a wedding plannerunique wedding venueswhat to wearwedding details, and photographers. Today is the conclusion to our second guide, but we know there is still so much more to cover!

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Photo by Carmyn Joy 

Photo by Carmyn Joy 

If you're the groom that thinks you'll show up at the wedding that your bride has meticulously planned, then stop reading right here. The wedding is as much a day for the groom as it is for the bride (or at least it should be)! 

Since I'm not planning a wedding and I'm certainly not a groom, I reached out for some help with this one. Of course, the ever-so-lovely Jennifer Bergman Weddings shares handy guides for modern grooms. I also turned to a real groom-to-be for help with this one. David ( who introduced us to The Bothy) should be taking a lot of credit for today's guide too.

Looking Dapper

Indochino makes this nice and easy for you. Pick out a style. Customize it (monogramming, linings, collar felt, buttons, vents, everything!). Send in your measurements and they'll ship it to you. Don't worry about getting all the groomsmen on the same page: Indochino takes care of sending them emails and getting them to follow along with your lead.

The Tie Bar
If you think the bride and her maids are the only ones accessorizing, think again! The Tie Bar has seemingly endless options for ties, tie bars, pocket squares, and cufflinks. Consider having the ties embroidered with the bride's and groom's initials, or the initials of the groomsmen. Not only will you look sharp the day of, this will be a nice memento for the groomsmen to have after the big day is over. 

Spiffy Feet
Remember: shined shoes are a must. I have it on good authority that Downtown Shoe Repair in Commerce Place will get the job done well.

Visit the Barber
Book the groom's party in for a straight shave and a clean cut to look sharp in photos. Like a spa day for the guys: a classic straight razor shave and some mane detailing. May we suggest Barber Ha or Weekly Barbershop to do a tip-top job.

Have Your Fun

She has her stagette. You have your stag. She has her bridal shower. You have... hmm...?

Plan some fun for you and the guys. The options are endless. As the groom, use this as a chance to make all your friends join you in whatever you want to do. It's all about you!

Well, that's a wrap! For now at least...

Adding on to the Edmonton Wedding Guide has been a lot of fun. It's overwhelming to learn about the countless details that goes into planning a wedding. We know, we've only scratched the surface! Hopefully we've left you with some ideas for your special day. If you have some tips you'd like to share, please leave a comment for everyone to read. 

A huge thank you goes out to Jennifer Bergman for all of her help putting this guide together. We couldn't have done this without her. If you have any questions while planning your wedding, there is nobody better to ask than Jennifer. All the best with planning your big day!