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Crankpot: A noun used to label someone who is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (thanks, Urban Dictionary).

 Crankpots Ceramic Studio has an ironic name because your day will likely be better after a visit. It's a charming studio on Whyte Avenue that offers space to learn about and paint ceramic bisque.  

The process is easy and fun for all ceramic skill levels:

  • When you arrive, you choose from over 400 pieces of ceramic that you'd like to paint.  Creativity is endless with the blank tiles, dishes, and vases. If you're not feelin' the whole "blank canvas" thing, there are many figurines and decorative pieces to make it easy.
  • Once you wash your hands and choose a place to sit, the ceramic experts will guide you through the painting process and how to choose correct colours.
  • Bring your creative vision to life. Take a look around at what everyone is making! The room is always full of beginners and experts.
  • After you've channeled your inner van Gogh, pay for the piece and studio fees.
  • Pop by about a week later to pick up your masterpiece! 

I was so excited to have time set aside for catching up with my friend while creating something display-worthy. Turns out, the creative juices were not flowing that day, and a simple tile with my initials was the best I could crank out (love my bad puns). Underwhelming, but it will make for a nice hot plate for my flat iron.

Crankpots makes for a lovely afternoon with girlfriends, a memorable birthday party for any age, or even a nice creative evening on your own. My ceramic partner in crime used to stop in on the last day of school each year with her mom and sister. This year, I'll start a Christmas ornament painting tradition with my little cousin. How special!

 Crankpots Ceramic Studio (780.414.1005, 10702 - 82 (Whyte) Avenue,