Desktop Delight I


Welcome to February! We're kicking off a new series on City and Dale that brings delight to your desktop. We love to celebrate creativity and there are so many talented makers we want to showcase!  Here, Edmonton artists, designers, and photographers give you something to smile about with beautiful wallpapers for screens of all sizes. 

To celebrate Cupid's favourite month, here are two lovely wallpapers to choose from. Not into the whole Valentine's Day thing? Don't worry, these ones are delightful to look at any time of year. Click on the image to download.

We're a big fan of Carmyn Joy's photography. She's a smart cookie getting world wide attention for her work (she's instagram famous!), but chooses to make Edmonton her home. Above, a rose garden that she happened across in Galway, Ireland while road tripping with friends. Hop over here to see more from her Ireland trip and swoon over her photos.

Gillian Thomson is our favourite graphic designer on the City and Dale team. Okay, she's also the only one, but we love her just the same. Above is "a mess of squares" using a Valentine inspired colour palette, without being too lovey-dovey. 

Know someone whose work should be featured? Have a design of your own you want to share? We'd love to have new wallpapers each month. Get in touch with Gillian to reserve your spot in the series - email