do :: Build a Gingerbread House


No sugar plums and gum drops for this girl. My kind of ginger home has modern contemporary angles, "marble" pathways, grass (not snow), and swirly licorice shrubs.

You can make your own gingerbread house too. I won't say it's easy. This one was a three day endeavour. Here is how I made it (with help from some friends):


1. Sketch out what your heart desires.
2. Build a model using cardboard to see how it will all go together.
3. Use these cardboard pieces to trace gingerbread dough. I followed this recipe from and it turned out perfectly.


4. For windows, I melted white and blue Candy Melts (available from Michaels) over low heat on the stove. I let the chocolate set on a flat surface in the freezer, then cut out window shapes.


5. Once all the pieces were baked and cooled, we started construction. Our glue was royal icing from Bulk Barn (just add water-my kind of recipe!). We used candy colour to change the colour. 
6. Decorating time! Once walls are set, it's easier to spread icing (if desired) before attaching the roof. Our roof was dusted with oreo crumbs before putting in place. Add doors, windows, and any other house fixtures using icing. 
7. Landscaping was the best part! All the beautiful elements you see are from Bulk Barn-chocolate rocks, licorice, and cookies and cream bark for the sidewalk. We finished off with lawn made of green icing dusted with green sugar.

Bulk barn has all the gingerbread house accessories you could possibly imagine! I recommend going there first to find candy that you love and let that guide the creative process. It's a lot of work, but worth it in the end. Have fun!