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As part of my continued effort to be an adult and take care of myself, I reached out to Bianca Osbourne of The Vitality Kitchen for some tips to make this easier. Bianca is a professional chef and certified holistic nutritionist, so she knows what's healthy and tasty. She'll show you how to put your love of food and your hunger for health together through her one-on-one sessions, workshops, and meal plans (she'll make you food, you just pick it up!).

The idea of seeing a nutritionist was scary to me. I didn't want any special diets or exercise routines recommended to me. Just simple things I can incorporate into my day that will move me towards better health. Bianca was great - I had a Live Well Coaching Session where we met to review my goals from a short survey I previously filled out. To get more energy, better digestion, and a more balanced diet (my goals), she put together easy additions to my diet and do-able action tips.

Without giving away all of her great advice, here are some of the simple tips that everyone could benefit from:


The Vitality Kitchen has some upcoming events that you might be interested in. Check her website for more details. 

  • Yoga + Nutrition class (8 weeks) - Each week, partake in a cooking class with take home recipes and a yoga class with take home moves.
  • Gluten Freedom Program (3 weeks) - Learn the fundamentals of a gluten free kitchen and how to navigate gluten free living in a way that serves your health instead of taking away.
  • Postpartum Care Package - a meal plan to support new mothers the days after giving birth.
  • Fit to Be Wed Cleanse - A cleanse program for both the bride and groom before the big day.
  • She'll be selling her meals and smoothies at City Market this summer! Find her smiling in her booth on July 26August 9, 23 and 30. 

Image credits: Lemon: comingstobrazil, Pasta: Christian Cable via flickr.