drink :: Woodwork

You may have heard of Woodwork already. It's that great new restaurant downtown with the bigger-city-than-Edmonton vibe. The menu is created by Mike Scorgie of Nomad (food truck) fame. Think of it as refined barbeque: meat heavy with in-house butchered and cured meats that are smoked or cooked over a natural wood fire. The food is enough to bring you back, but let's talk about the bar.

Woodwork's bar truly is something special. They give the same attention to the bar as they do the kitchen, with quality bartenders dedicated to their craft. The art of the cocktail is taken very seriously - all the syrups, sodas, and bitters are made in house. Even the ice used in some cocktails (like their famous Old Fashioned) is hand carved into perfect cubes!

The cocktail menu is curated by Andrew Borley who perfected his craft through years of research, experimenting, and refining with The Volstead Act. Sitting at the bar and watching the care and attention that goes into every artful cocktail is fun in itself. 

Every day, there is a drink special called the Savoy Shuffle. They feature a drink from The Savoy Cocktail Book - the London hotel's collection of golden era recipes. It's a reason to come back often, and fits in perfectly with the emphasis on quality, classic drinks instead of novelty beverages we've seen time and time again.

These bartenders really love what they do. They are part of the Midnight Cocktail Club - a monthly meeting of bartenders (usually at midnight) that challenge each other to use a particular spirit in an original drink. Everyone votes for their favourite and explains why. Winner takes home bragging rights and the rest of the bottle. It's a great way to talk about their craft, share tips, and nerd-out on all things bartending.

Stop by Woodwork to take full advantage of the wonderful food and drink menus. We're lucky to have a place like this, and plan on being there often!

Woodwork (780.757.4100, McLeod Building 10132-100 Street, woodworkyeg.com)