eat & drink :: The Art of Wine & Cheese with Cavern

Some call it nerdism, others call it cultural cache; but regardless of what you want to call it, our generation of millennials is looking to explore the traditional dining experience in our own unique way. One of these Edmontonians is Tricia Bell from Cavern. We chatted with her about wine culture in the city, the beauty of artisanal cheese, and some must-try pairings to make your summer even more golden.

Walking into Cavern is a romantic experience in itself. The setting recalls a quaint European cheese shop, but the pristine cheese display cases, wine on enomatic dispensers, and trendy faces behind the bar remind you that this is definitely a modern, sophisticated wine and cheese experience. Within moments, we dove straight into YEG wine culture and came out with some noteworthy trends:

  • Knowledge about wine is absolutely craved by the younger generation
  • Wine is no longer a defined experience (every palate is individual & celebrated!)

  • A general red wine/Malbec bias

  • Increase in Rosé interest

  • People are falling in love with indigenous varietals, such as Spanish Tempranillo

If the wine lineup at Cavern does not exceed your expectations (highly doubtful) the cheese is sure to astound. Even more lovely is how Tricia explains the cheese to you, with statements like “ I find cheese behaves like the animal it came from. Goats have a nagging personality. Cows are more lazy and smooth, whereas sheep are quite standoffish and understated!”

Unlike commercial cheese, artisanal cheeses are creatures all on their own. They breathe, sweat, and cry for your attention. They are made with natural ingredients from the hard work and care of individual hands, from family recipes often older than a few of us combined.

If you’re just starting to be curious about wine and cheese pairings or you’re already a seasoned expert, Cavern is the place for you. Sit down for an intimate dining experience or bring the artisanal cheese home with you.

Here are this Summer’s Must-Try Wine and Cheese Pairings:

  • Comté: An Alps cheese with 80+ flavours, yet is subtle and superbly balanced. Try pairing with a crisp white like a Viogner, or a Rhône Red.
  • Truffo: Triple crème with summer Italian truffle.  Try pairing with a dry bubbly (we suggest Champagne!) *Warning: Highly addictive, you will fight your dining partner for the last piece!
  • Tommette aux Baie Roses: Delicate goat cheese with Herb de Provence and pink peppercorns. Try pairing with a Sauvignon Blanc.

Cavern (#2, 10169 104 St, 780.455.1336,