Edmonton Real Estate Guide :: Most Sought-After Neighbourhoods

To conclude our real estate series, we're talking about the most sought-after neighbourhoods in the eyes of our real estate experts, Kristi Robertson and Leslee Byer, the Century 21 Dream Team. Big thanks to them for helping us navigate this tricky real estate game!

Part 1: How to Get Started
Part 2: House vs. Duplex vs. Condo
Part 3: Edmonton’s Most Sought-After Neighbourhoods

They could spend all day talking about their favourite neighbourhoods, but since this series has been aimed towards first time home buyers, they will focus on their faves in the "entry level" price range.

Central neighbourhoods hold their value with easy access to downtown, public transit and post-secondary schools. Up and coming central neighbourhoods are Inglewood, Woodcroft, and Queen Mary Park (average sale price of single family homes in these hoods is $365,000*).

Higher priced neighbourhoods such as Westmount and Glenora offer bigger yards (average sale price of single family homes is $579,000*).

Suburban neighbourhoods give more bang for your buck with a newer home and new amenities (grocery stores, strip malls, parks and trails). Secord, MacEwan, Albany neighbourhoods suit a young family lifestyle, but be sure to check epsb.ca for school zones. (average sale prices for single family homes in these areas $439,000*).

For condominiums, the most popular areas are central (for good reason) including Oliver, Downtown and Strathcona. They hold their value, are a great investment, and are easy to rent out after moving up. Besides the easy access to downtown, public transit and university/colleges, there are a variety of sizes, selections, age, and price in these three neighbourhoods (average sale price $292,000*).

We paired some of these neighbourhoods with the wonderful Where We Are From Icons by Jaime Calayo. Here is a map with over 100 more icons Jaime designed, and you can wear some icons proudly with your own Where We Are From t-shirt.

*Average prices listed are from the Realtors Association of Edmonton including all sales this year-to-date to July 16, 2014.