Edmonton Wedding Guide II :: Invites & Stationery

The Edmonton Wedding Guide II: A continuation of our previous guide that uncovers the importance of a wedding planner, unique wedding venues, what to wear, wedding details, and photographers. We’ve only scratched the surface of the wonderful world of wedding planning!

Here’s what we’ve covered so far:
The First Three Steps of Wedding Planning
(More) Unique Wedding Venues in Edmonton

You can look forward to:
Flowers & the Guest Experience
Photographers & Wedding Videos
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1. Minted.com, 2. Rifle Paper Co., 3. Papela via Etsy, 4. Minted.com

1. Minted.com, 2. Rifle Paper Co., 3. Papela via Etsy, 4. Minted.com

Alright, you’ve got the date, the venue, and the vision for your wedding set. Now you get to formally tell your guests where the celebration will be. This part can be the most fun or the biggest nightmare for brides to be. As a stationery lover myself, this ranks high in the priority list, next to the actual groom.

The invitation sets the tone of your wedding. It will carry into the other paper pieces at the wedding, essentially being “the brand” of your big day.  If your wedding is a laid-back gathering, choose language, typefaces, and styles that speak to that. For a grandiose, formal to-do, set your guests’ expectations with an invitation that matches.

We previously shared ideas for finding wedding invitations in the city. Here are a few places you can look online to order invitations, or simply get some inspiration.

Minted has a beautiful selection of invitations and stationery suites curated from talented designers around the world. Choose from hundreds of designs in many paper stocks and finishes. Easily customize all the other paper goods you’d need for the party.

Rifle Paper Co.
It’s rare to find a design style that works for both casual or formal wedding invitations, but Rifle Paper Co. has mastered it. The romantic charm of these invites makes it hard for guests to say no.

Clear your schedule for some quality etsy shopping time. With so many inspiring paper goods, it’s hard to believe you’ll ever settle for one design. For a good place to start, Jennifer Bergman Weddings has been pleased with the work Papela has done.

A sample wedding suite from Minted.com - "The Happy Couple" Letterpress Invites

A sample wedding suite from Minted.com - "The Happy Couple" Letterpress Invites


Our wedding planner of choice, Jennifer Bergman Weddings, has a few tips for invitation etiquette:

  • Wording: The first line typically indicates who is hosting the party. This can also signify the host is the financial sponsor.
  • Spell out numbers in dates for formal weddings. Use numerals for more casual affairs.
  • You can set expectations for children at the event by addressing invites to “Guest’s Name and Family.” Avoid stating “Adults only” on the invites.
  • Response Cards should be returned at least 2-4 weeks before the wedding. Mark the back with a number and keep a master list in case you receive one with illegible handwriting.
  • Timing: Invites should be sent out 8-12 weeks before the wedding. If you’re having a destination wedding or it falls on a holiday, consider sending save-the-date cards 10-12 months in advance.
  • This may surprise you: Leave those gift registry cards out! They can learn that through word of mouth. Do include these in bridal shower invitations. After all, the occasion is to shower the bride with gifts!

On the day of, incorporate the same look and feel of the invitations in the place cards, guest book, seating chart, and menu. Remind your guests of their wonderful time by including the same styling in the thank you card.

Don’t forget, you can break away from the traditional stationery suite to keep your wedding uniquely you. Jennifer Bergman Weddings has put together some ideas for a twist on the traditional guest book on their blog. Take for example:

Photograph by Carey Nash via Jennifer Bergman Weddings.

Photograph by Carey Nash via Jennifer Bergman Weddings.

This couple personalized an Oilers jersey and had their guests sign it for the perfect keepsake. As one of the first things they see when they arrive, this set the tone for a fun night ahead.

Thanks to Pinterest and Etsy, there is an overwhelming amount of ideas to peruse for invites and stationery. Happy searching!