goodbye cookies :: hello Glow Juicery Community Cleanse


Happy New Years!

Last night at a small New Years Eve gathering, the kitchen was full of delicious canapés and treats. Most of the guests (and myself) just couldn’t muster up the desire to eat more rich food. I am officially in the no-more-cookies-stuffing-wine-eggnog-sweets-cheese-bread place that I inevitably land every January.

Along with most people, I crave a return to mindful, healthy eating. Every January, Bon Appetit magazine does a delicious (if a little complicated) Food Lover’s Cleanse where you commit to two weeks without refined starches, most dairy products, processed meats, and refined sugars.

Generally, we all know how we should eat but often the hardest part of cleansing or eating healthy is adherence to the plan (because cookies still look soooo tasty!). This year Glow Juicery is leading a community cleanse including free fitness classes, pre+post cleanse tips and participation in a fresh juice cleanse.


Let’s talk about juice cleanses. I’m a fan. They’re a little controversial for others. We could engage in a very smart discussion about the pros/cons of juice cleanses –but we won’t (at least not today). Personally, juice cleanses makes me feel great (after the headaches and cravings pass) but most importantly they help me rebalance my eating by requiring full commitment from me.

In fall 2012,  I wanted to try a juice cleanse. No place in Alberta offered a juice cleanse, so I had Total Cleanse shipped from Toronto. The juice cleanse was a hard. I quit. The green juice was too green-bitter-tasting. (side note: Now wonder if I’d actually enjoy Total Cleanse and if at the time I just hadn’t developed a palate for green juice). With my first juice cleanse being a total bust, I was ready to try a different cleanse.  After Food & Wine referred to BluePrint as the “cleanse for foodies”, I ordered the cleanse from New York City delivered by overnight Fedex (not cheap!). The juices were tasty; and I felt refreshed but it was way too expensive to repeat.

Last summer, I was EXCITED to hear Glow Juicery was opening in Edmonton. Finally, our very own juice bar! I contacted the owner Marni and she squeezed me into the schedule to do a cleanse before Glow Juicery opened. I opted for the 4-day Advanced Cleanse. The juices were delicious - so good that my husband ended up drinking many of the juices reducing my 4-day cleanse to a 3-day cleanse.

If you're intrigued by juice cleanses (or even just added one green juice into your daily diet), I highly recommend Glow Juicery. Marnie and her team have designed a beautiful, tasty and thoughtful juicing experience.

My advice: Start with a 3-day beginner cleanse; it’s just long enough for you to apologize for to your liver and love your body, but not so long that you feel like a food weirdo who can’t socialize or join friends for lunch. Intrigued? Order a cleanse in January and join the community. Yes, it’s a little expensive $55/day, but if you saw the amount of fresh produce being packed into a bottle of Glow Juice you’d consider it good value. I think you'll love the results. 

Come join the Community Cleanse; let's drink green juice together.