Meet the New Contributors!

It's time to officially introduce you to the authors behind some recent articles on City and Dale! After putting out the call for contributors in the spring, we have three lovely ladies who have been sharing their Edmonton discoveries, fashion trends, and passion for wine ever since. 

Kassey Koumarelas has been out and about with her daughter (who is unbelievably cute) and sharing her favourite places in town. Among others, Kassey has introduced us to Todoruk Designs and most recently Justine Ma's beautiful hand lettering. Here's more of Kassey's discoveries.


Salina Yara Halabi has helped us stay on trend, sharing seasonal fashion reports and outfit guides for special events. She's quite the jetsetter and aside from City and Dale, she contributes to a few interior design publications too. See what Salina has taught us.

Breanne Kshyk is a photographer and wine sommelier who's been making us thirsty with all her wine themed posts. Not only has she shared her knowledge on Rosé, Pinot Gris and wine bars in Edmonton, she's made us feel like we were there through her gorgeous photos. See Breanne's writing here.

Special update: Though you haven't seen Callie's writing in a while, we want to send out a big congratulations to her after becoming a Mommy to baby Bennett!

Note from Gillian: I've had a few people ask me if I'm still writing for City and Dale after this was first published. Yes, I am! In fact, I wrote this post and didn't think of mentioning myself. I'm still here!